Every kiddo likes pop up books. 
There is such a huge offer of nice books that pop, that it was hard to make a selection. 
Still, these are our favourites!

To start with an educational one: ABC 3D, 
where every letter of the alphabet pops up in an ingenious way.

Since Tim Burton's 3D movie, Alice is all over the place again. You could meet Alice in 3D on paper way earlier in the next book.

Do you remember Maurice Sendak, the illustrator of 'Where the Wild Things Are'? 
You can also find his first book 'Mommy' in pop up version.


Animus is a beautiful pop up book by artist Seonna Hong. Very cute and a little dark.

An example of true papercraft. Spot the red dot.

Also Elmo and Cookie Monster pop you up in this Sesame Street book:

And to end this, 2 funny ones: A poo poo pop up book (or: how poo can pop) and one of the movie Alien that comes with splatter pack! Hehe.